Orange Peel & Sichuan Pepper IPA 橙皮川椒IPA | 6% ABV | n/a IBU | 北京 🇨🇳 Beijing

Citrus Waves, Hop Aromatics, Spice Kick


Based on the classic American Chinese take-out dish, this guilty pleasure IPA combines citrus and spice in a smooth, hoppy body. Fresh orange peels and aged chen pi bring refreshing aromatics, rounded out by a touch of sichuan pepper. No chickens were used in the process!



这款酒的灵感来自汉密尔顿当地一家热门中餐厅 “北京小居”非常受欢迎的一道菜:橙皮鸡。我们觉得用啤酒还原这道菜的味道会很有趣,同时也能体现出传统中餐在北美地区所经历的变化。


So where did Orange Chicken come from?

In 2019, we were invited to attend the Collective Arts Beer festival in Hamilton Canada. This was our first festival in Canada, and from our endless enthusiasm and wide-eyed wonder came Kris’ chance to collaborate with Collective Arts, where the No.17 Orange Chicken IPA was born.

The inspiration for this beer came from a popular dish served at the “Beijing Hut 北京小居”, a local favorite Chinese-Canadian restaurant in Hamilton. We thought it would be funny to try and recreate the flavors of this dish while also illustrating how traditional Chinese cuisine has changed over the years in North America.

Don’t worry – there is no actual chicken in this beer, just heaps of fresh orange peel, chenpi and sichuan peppercorn for a perfect mix of citrus and spice that reminds you of ordering Chinese takeout. Some of you might be pleased to hear that it’s MSG-free (but MSG is good in small quantities y’all)