IPA – New England 新英格兰IPA | 7% ABV | n/a IBU | 德国 🇩🇪 Schleswig-Holstein Germany | Untappd 4.02 ;



Doh!! It happened!! We should’ve written „check the label market first“ on the chalkboard ? but luckily for us Fritz from @alemaniabonn (true legend) is cool with the label!!

Backstory :
They released a pretty similar label four weeks ago. We weren’t aware of. Our label was already in the printing… we ask him, if we should start from scratch, but he said everything is fine!! So here you go!!

Eat My Haze – NEIPA 7%
Whirlpool: Ekuanot BBC
Dry Hop: Mosaic BBC and Simcoe

Woo-Hoo !