Pale Ale – American 美式淡艾 | 5.3% ABV | 50 IBU | 美国 🇺🇸 Alpine, CA United States | Untappd 3.86 ;

Hoppy Birthday 被称为“世界上最适合拿来庆祝的啤酒”。 淡色艾尔,它受益于大量的干投啤酒花,是真正的感官礼物。 这种大胆的酿造具有强烈的啤酒花苦味,但松树香气才是主角。 凭借 BeerAdvocate 的“世界级”排名,您绝对应该每年享受一次以上的 Hoppy Birthday。

Hoppy Birthday is known as “The world’s most celebrated beer.” A Pale Ale, it benefits from a heavy dose of dry-hopping and is truly a gift to the senses. This bold brew has an intense hop-bitterness, but the pine aroma is the star of the show. With a “world-class” ranking from BeerAdvocate, you should definitely enjoy Hoppy Birthday more than once a year.