IPA – Triple New England 三倍新英格兰IPA | 12% ABV | 50 IBU | 挪威 🇳🇴 Aust-Agder Norway | Untappd 4.02 ;

包含来自南半球的超级果味和令人兴奋的啤酒花类型:Enigma、Motueka 和 Wai-iti。 香气和味道是一场热带盛宴,桃子、杏子、酸橙和青葡萄的味道最为突出。

Nøgne Ø The Great Southern Trendkill is a massive imperial IPA packed with super-fruity and exciting hop types from the southern hemisphere: Enigma, Motueka and Wai-iti. Aroma and taste is a tropical feast with hints of peach, apricot, lime and green grapes as the most prominent.