American Wild Ale 美式野菌艾尔 | 9.1% ABV | n/a IBU | 美国 🇺🇸 Paso Robles, CA United States | Untappd 4.13 ;

圣塔伊尼兹山谷(San Ynez Valley)传来喜讯,经过与当地葡萄种植者及酿酒师的共同努力,全新的“野性葡萄”惊喜问世。这款啤酒是我们与老朋友安德鲁默里酒庄的老板兼酿酒师安德鲁·默里(Andrew Murray)共同酿造。在他酒庄里开启了一场别开生面的奇妙旅程。

Feral Vinifera is our Foray into a new and exciting adventure in the Santa Ynez Valley that expresses our collaborative effort with local grape growers and winemakers. We have carefully fermented, matured and blended this beer with our friend Andrew Murray, the proprietor and winemaker at Andrew Murray Winery. The resulting cuvée and partnership of Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Viognier, and Chardonnay grape/beer fermentation bends the mind and senses. Dried apricots, guava, and vanilla mingle with Meyer lemon and roses. A funky, savory yeast bouquet lays down a firm foundation. A flinty minerality and oaky tannic depth add to body and structure that mingle with a soft-finishing acidity and fruity esters carrying assertive vinous perfume.

No. of Cases: 1,000 
Bottle Date: 10/20/17
Barrel Ratio: 70% French oak, 30% American oak
Maturation time: 8-24 months  
Titratable Acidity: 9.0 g/L
Microflora:  B. lambicus, L. delbrueckii from grain and natural native flora