Lager – Pale 淡色拉格;皮尔森 | 5.5% ABV | n/a IBU | 澳大利亚 🇦🇺 Newstead, QLD Australia | Untappd 3.55 ;

脆皮-皮尔森 是一款进阶的无过滤拉格。这款酒使用了德国的麦芽,捷克酵母和产自新西兰的进化版德国哈拉道 – 芳香型哈拉道啤酒花(Hallertau Aroma),或者你可能更熟悉它现在的名字:哇卡图(WAKATU)。这是一款非常畅饮的啤酒,有着淡色的酒体和洁白的酒头泡沫,麦芽风格表现十分脆爽,轻微的酒花苦度也使得这款拉格清爽易饮的同时保持着非常丰富的层次。

C R I S P is an evolving lager beer. We have brewed this batch with German malts and hops and fermented long and cold with a Czech yeast strain that was developed by our Aussie friends at Bluestone yeast. This beer is ultimately crushable. It is very pale in colour, with a fluorescent white head. It has a smooth malt profile, backed up by a slight hop bitterness and crisp and ultra refreshing finish.