Pale Ale – New England / Hazy 新英格兰 浑浊淡艾;DDH淡色艾尔 | 5.5% ABV | n/a IBU | 澳大利亚 🇦🇺 Newstead, QLD Australia | Untappd 3.99 ;

从最初的配方设计,到投产,再到酒标设计和罐装,这款酒全部有维度酒厂中的小姐姐们完成,不计成本地投入来自雅基玛的2020粉红靴子(Pink boots blend hops)混合酒花,你可以期待这款酒有着非常突出的葡萄柚,橙子,和浆果风味,中度顺滑的酒体,和平衡易饮的苦度。女性制造,为所有的啤酒爱好者!

From recipe conception to cellaring, label design to packaging, this beer was created entirely by the wonderful women of Range Brewing. Generously dry-hopped with the 2020 Pink Boots blend of hops from Yakima Chiefs. Expect ultra fruity vibes carried in softly by a medium body. Smooth over the palate with mild and balanced bitterness. The finish is full of notes of grapefruit, orange and berry. Unbelievably drinkable.
Made by women, for everyone.