Sour – Fruited 水果酸艾尔;双倍水果酸艾尔 | 5.8% ABV | n/a IBU | 澳大利亚 🇦🇺 Newstead, QLD Australia | Untappd 3.99 ;

充满热带气息的拉明顿蛋糕?这杯就是!我的就是你的是一款双倍水果,同时投入双倍干果的甜品酸艾尔。对你没有听错,双倍投入干果 – 芒果,百香果,和烘烤的火山果,烘烤椰子,这是一款充满奶油一般顺滑口感,热带风味十足的酸艾尔。

Have you ever had a tropical lamington? Well, you’re about to. What’s Mine Is Yours is a double fruited, double nutted pastry sour with mango, passionfruit, toasted macadamias and toasted coconut. It’s decadent, creamy, tropical and lush.