IPA – New England 新英格兰IPA | 6.6% ABV | 39 IBU | 成都🇨🇳 Chengdu

这款浑浊IPA是传统与创新的完美融合 – 在经典酒花Citra(西楚)的基础之上,我们还干投了大量的新型酒花Stratao因此,你能够感受到扑面而来的香甜水果气息——蜜瓜、芒果、菠萝,除此之外还有一些桃子以及草莓的风味!这款酒的口感柔和,拥有很好的平衡感,适中的酒体既能支撑起层次丰富的水果风味,又非常易饮,收口千脆,几乎察觉不到酒精感,是一款适合畅饮的浑浊IPA啤酒!

Hippie Hazy IPA is a beautifully balanced beer where old meets new. Citra is the king of hazy IPA hops (for good reason) whereas Strata, the new hop, adds new and interesting flavor. This Citra – Strata delight has big aromas of sweet fruits like Melon-Mango-Pineapple, with touch of Peach-Strawberry, and a lovely resinous component. Flavor follows the same tropical theme with an added touch of grapefruit and that wonderful deep hoppy resin, perfect for us hopheads! Mouthfeel is also outstanding – a luscious creaminess up front gives way to a perfect sweet-bitter balanced finish. With an invisible AV of 6.6%, this beer lands at the top of the drinkability scale!