IPA – New England 新英格兰IPA | 6.8% ABV | 40 IBU | 成都🇨🇳 Chengdu

FV9旅行的第一站,让我们去探索爱达荷!爱达荷7号(Idoho 7)和爱达荷宝石(Idaho Gem)是两种经典美式酒花的名称,本款酒就是用他们酿造的一款浑浊IPA,酒体中充满了类似柑橘、橘子糖和松脂再加上一点点糖粉!


First stop on the FV9 Journey is Idaho! This beer features 2 Idaho siblings that actually get along very well! Idaho 7 and Idaho Gem are on showcase here. The aroma is the lively combination of fresh Citrus Peels and Pine. The flavor is Orange Candy and Pine Resin with a touch of powdered sugar!

The beer finishes dry with a noticeable bitterness and lingering fruit. Enjoy your visit to Idaho! Make each sip as traveling in the colorful hop universe!


FV9是美西9号发酵罐的英文简写(Fermentation Vessel 9),它是美西酒厂中最小的啤酒发酵罐,9号发酵罐从2016年美西啤酒建厂开始就一直伴随着他们的发展。最初,美西最畅销的产品九重云就是从FV9中诞生的,九重云的“九”也出自于9号发酵罐。为了嘉奖这位的老伙计,他们决定以九号发酵罐FV9为名,制作一批浑浊IPA实验系列!

FV9 stands for Fermentation Vessel 9. It is the smallest beer fermenter in the Wildwest brewing plant, it has accompanied with the Wildwest Brewery since 2016. Cloud 9 was brewed in FV9, Number “9” of cloud 9 is came from FV9, in order to award this old buddy, they decided to brew four batches of experimental hazy IPA under the name of FV9, which is the FV9 series!


Each batch of FV9 we will put different hops for brewing, “We want to give each beer a different fruit aroma through this way, so that we can more intuitively feel the impact of different hops on the beer flavor”. The FV9 series is planned to brew a new beer each month with only 2 tons per batch, this project will last four months.